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Agoura Hills 91377

Brandeis 93064

Camarillo 93010

Camarillo 93011

Camarillo 93012

Fillmore 93015

Fillmore 93016

Hidden Valley 91361

Lake Sherwood 91361

Moorpark 93020

Moorpark 93021

Newbury Park 91319

Newbury Park 91320

Oak Park 91377

Oak View 93022

Ojai 93023

Ojai 93024

Oxnard 93030

Oxnard 93031

Oxnard 93032

Oxnard 93033

Oxnard 93034

Oxnard 93035

Oxnard 93036

Piru 93040

Point Mugu NAWC 93041

Point Mugu NAWC 93042

Port Hueneme 93041

Port Hueneme 93042

Port Hueneme 93043

Port Hueneme 93044

Port Hueneme CBC Base 93043

Prt Hueneme 93043

Pt Mugu Nawc 93041

Pt Mugu Nawc 93042

Santa Paula 93060

Santa Paula 93061

Santa Rosa Va 93012

Santa Rosa Valley 93012

Santa Susana 93063

Simi Valley 93062

Simi Valley 93063

Simi Valley 93064

Simi Valley 93065

Simi Valley 93094

Simi Valley 93099

Somis 93066

Thousand Oaks 91319

Thousand Oaks 91320

Thousand Oaks 91358

Thousand Oaks 91359

Thousand Oaks 91360

Thousand Oaks 91361

Thousand Oaks 91362

Ventura 93001

Ventura 93002

Ventura 93003

Ventura 93004

Ventura 93005

Ventura 93006

Ventura 93007

Ventura 93009

Westlake Village 91359

Westlake Village 91361

Westlake Village 91362

Westlake Villlage 91359

Westlake Village 91361

Westlake Village 91362

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 2,208 sq mi (5,718.7 km2), of which, 1,845 square miles (4,779 km²) is land and 363 square miles (940 km²) (16.43%) is water. Anacapa Island of Channel Islands National Park and San Nicolas Island are located in the county.

Most of the population of Ventura County lives in the southern (mainland) portion of the county. The major population centers are the Oxnard Plain and the Simi and Conejo Valleys. In local media, the county is usually split between the eastern portion, generally associated with the San Fernando Valley, and the western portion, often referred to as "Oxnard-Ventura."

North of Highway 126 the county is mountainous and mostly uninhabited, and contains some of the most unspoiled, rugged and inaccessible wilderness remaining in southern California. Most of this land is in the Los Padres National Forest, and includes the Chumash Wilderness in the northernmost portion, adjacent to Kern County, as well as the large Sespe Wilderness and portions of both the Dick Smith Wilderness and Matilija Wilderness (both of these protected areas straddle the line with Santa Barbara County). All of the wilderness areas are within the jurisdiction of Los Padres National Forest.

The highest peaks in the county include Mount Pinos (8831', 2697 m), Frazier Mountain (8017', 2444 m), and Reyes Peak (7525', 2294 m), all except Reyes Peak in the San Emigdio Mountains (Pinos and Frazier Mountain are sometimes assigned to the Tehachapis). The uplands are well-timbered with coniferous forests, and receive plentiful snow in the winter.

Mount Pinos is sacred to the Chumash Indians. It is known to them as Iwihinmu, and was considered to be the center of the universe; being the highest peak in the vicinity, it has a spectacular view, unimpeded in three directions.

The Santa Clara River is the principal waterway. Lake Casitas, an artificial reservoir, is the largest body of water.

The county was hit by a tornado as a result of the oceanic winter storm systems that struck the area in January of 2010.